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Hey yall!

Just wanted to let you all know the guild "The cute and adorable [Yumi]" will host a large scaled event this april 29th in Yumi's shiny shiny Guildhall!
A fashionshow, because, yea, WE ARE FASHIONWARS!

Bring your best looking character of your own style!

Win BIG prizes!
1st place 500 gold
2nd place 250 gold
3th place 100 gold

And some choices of weapon skins of the guildbank.
I will be giving participation prizes aswell so stay with us!
More info on our own site!
[YUMI on wixsite]


So how do you join us?
You can simply mail me ingame or dm me on discord, or join our server!
You wont nescesaly need to join our guild so dont feel bad if you dont have a slot free!
In Verdant Brink I will port everyone to the lost precipice where we will have our little event!

OH! and [SAR], [LATE] and [LoMS] will join us to! 

...Did I mention a live concert from the talented guild [SONG]?

Check our website, join the discord and hopefully, SEE YOU THEN!!!

Yumi's official DISCORD server!


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updated prize pool
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