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Bot Wars 2


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We have reported a bot in cpvp for days and it is still there. It matched me 2 times right now. We've been telling players on our team to report it for days... and still there it is... doing bot's stuff

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Just got a guy on ranked that didn't even leave the spawn area. He kept autorun on towards the wall. The people on the team said he has been doing that for a while. 
This game needs to copy Dota 2 ban style. Ban these kitteners for a whole week, if they don't learn 6 months out of pvp will do.

But arenanet doesn't care as we all know, just take a look at all the bots on the maps (not bots, auto clickers).

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25 minutes ago, Bostox.3519 said:

how long is this nonsense of bots gonna continue ?

seems suspicious that even enemy team dont kill them

and dont see any news in arenanet about banning lots of multiaccounts and bots 

because its become the normal. soon you too will get tired of pointing it out. 🙂

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