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(NA) Nightmare of Shadowed Thorns [MIST] New Player+Social+Casual (300++ Members)

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Hello New Players, Vets, and other breeds of players! 

I started recruiting for this guild a little over two months ago at this point, and my goal has been to build a more casual, yet social community! Constantly trying to find more people who are willing to host events outside of my normal play time, while trying to focus in on making a welcoming environment towards the more casual folks out there. As of right now, we have over 300 members and growing by the day, with several re-occurring events every week!

This guild is actively seeking players who want to become event hosts, and seek to become officers as well, we do not require that you have any experience at all, just that you are willing to do things 🙂 


Current on-going events include

-Teaching Fractals

-Teaching Strikes

-WorldBoss Paloozas

-Hero Point Trains

-Guild Missions

-Zone Runners


A little about the guild in general, this started off more as a joke honestly, because, I constantly joined guild after guild after guild. Only to find out that they were inactive, anti social, or never had anything going on. So, I decided to just randomly start recruiting for this one. But, it turned out, people enjoyed it, and we ended up getting more and more people flooding in. I have enjoyed growing it to where it is now, and look forward to what happens in the future!


We are a very casual group, so with that being said, we have ZERO RULES & ZERO REQUIREMENTS. Although, we do encourage people to join our guilds discord server, we will never require it. My general thought process with the no rule thing is that, either you belong with us, or you don't. Whenever it happens, it happens, no big deal. 


If you would like to have a casual+social experience, let me know by whispering/mailing me in game, adding me on discord, and or joining the discord server! 


Discord Name: KenoZuki The Grey Soldier#1745

Discord invite: https://discord.gg/XuESSqTn7B

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