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[EU][Fractals] LF Semi-causal group to clear CM's+T4 on reset


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Hey as the title says I'm looking for a semi-casual group to play fractals at reset on weekdays and no fixed schedule on weekends.


Some info about me IRL: I'm 26 y/o from Spain but living in Latin America so I have 160ms on average (not really a problem in GW2). I have mic and discord, willing to communicate in both Spanish and English.


Some info about me in-game: I main warrior. Almost fully legendary (only missing a couple of weapons). Fractal god, all augments, +9+5 infusions in 2 characters (aiming to get more).

I can play all roles although I do prefer DPS (cVirtuoso and Spellbreaker) or Alacrity DPS (Mech).

I'm looking to play with like-minded people, not too hardcore, not too casual. I'm into skips.


Hit me up in-game or in discord if someone is interested.

IGN: Usian.1278
Discord: Uceda#2770

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