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[NA][PvX][SoS] Occasional Perfection [oP] - Small, active guild looking for a few more


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Are you playing alone or lost in the crowd in a mega guild? If you are hoping to make a connection in game and enjoy all GW2 has to offer, maybe [oP] is the place for you.

Occasional Perfection [oP] is a small, active community who enjoy Guild Wars 2. We are based on NA servers (Sea of Sorrows for WvW). It is our goal to be an inclusive, no drama group that focuses on friendship over gear, numbers and gold.

We are a true PvX community. We do plenty of PvE and WvW and even a little PvP. We have regular weekly events which include things like Fractals, Strikes, Raids, WvW, Guild Missions, Meta Trains, and lots more. We also do a monthly special event of unique player made content in game. 

We are hoping to add a few people looking for a main GW2 community. If you just want to extend your LFG experience, we aren’t the place for you.

Our lovely bullet points:

* We are a small guild (< 50) and want to keep it that way. We only accept a few members at a time so that we have a chance to get to know you and you get a chance to know us. 
* We use Discord. Event planning, text chatter, information and in game voice chat. We don't require you to use voice chat but it sure if helpful for you to at least listen in at some group events.
* We have a max level guild hall at the Isle of Reflection with 24/7 buffs, nodes and such.
* We run small scale WvW on Sea of Sorrows. You don't need to use guild builds to run with us and we are happy to help you get your feet wet here. No experience required.
* We are a no pressure group and realize that real life comes first.
* Most events are weekday evenings Late EST / Early PST (which is our most active time), but we have members on all throughout the day (just not as many).

If you are interested in learning more or joining us, please visit our Discord server for more information.



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Updated 11/2023
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Thanks for all checking out, oP. We are no longer recruiting new members for a bit.

We would like to get to know our new recruits before adding more so that we keep our community feeling like home. 

You are still welcome to check out our Discord at the link above. We'll open up recruitment there when we are ready to add more.

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