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My thoughts on the latest patch notes (I hate it, thanks)

August Valek.9368

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They say the joy of a game is to play the character, I strive to be the legal evil type in fantasy settings, and after maining a warlock on WoW for many years I quickly fell in love with the necromancer in GW2, lots of dots, punishing foes for buffing up by converting their boons into torment and transferring your own conditions to them , when I got HoT and PoF I got delighthed to see I could double down as a healer (sort of) by providing tactical barriers  and the power to save people from the brink of death, and after the latest patch notes my heart is broken.  Each profession should have its advantages and disadvantages, is part of the character, but you are stripping my character of its uniqueness, what's the incentive to strip foes of boons when they are not gonna cause massive damage specially when I will now have to keep spamming F1 to maintain my shades?  do you realize casting 3 shades takes like 4 seconds? so I'll have 3 seconds to do anything else before starting to refresh shades.

Who asked for this? who needs this? if this a scheme to make me buy EOD is not working, I''d rather cut my loses and quit the game.

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