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[NA] Looking for Thursday Progression Raid Group/Guild

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I've been "guild shopping" for a while and found some awesome communities. However, I'm at work whenever they're doing raid training or strike groups. Thursdays are the only consistent day I have for long hours of playing. 

Really want to learn the raids and EoD strikes in depth with a progression group. Long time player, mostly casual. New to end-game PvE. I've been in a bunch of strikes but have little understanding of the full mechanics, and have never stepped into a raid. Very open to constructive feedback and learning together.  Currently have a raid ready Minstrel Healbrand, Harrier Alac Druid, Quick DPS Scrapper, PDPS Holosmith, PDPS Reaper.

Let me know if there's a group I could slot on into 🙂 Would love to join some friendly and like-minded individuals. 





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