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[BUG] Serpent Siphon having weird applications.

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Scourge's Serpent Siphon is very hit and miss at the moment. It appears to be proximity based, where my sub-group and me are not being prioritized. However, beyond this, it also seems to sometimes not occur at all? I was doing Deimos earlier and used it to aegis myself from the Mind Crush and I directed the centre of the ground target just in front of me. The animation went through and it went on cooldown but I go no aegis/barrier/alac/regeneration and I just went down. I've tried to theorize if its a little like the ventari tablet bug that happened last year where it was going through the floor and maybe the Serpents are going into the ground and not actually hitting targets in the area?


1) It is proximity based, not sub-group based.

2) When cast on yourself or near yourself, (in specific terrains?) it isn't granting any of the benefits that it should.

3) Cooldown is still occurring even when none of the effects actually happen. 

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