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[Question] - Necromancer leveling build


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I recently started messing around with GW2 again… after being away since the first few months the game was out. Since then, of course, they reworked stuff and locked in a bunch of things on my character’s builds that I find… well, sub-optimal. My Necro was the worst off, but still has some hero points saved up so he’s not hopeless.

I’m looking for a solid SOLO leveling PvE build You don’t need to get ultra-detailed… I’d be happy with:Utility 1: XUtility 2: YUtility 3: ZUtility 4: UWeapon Set 1: AWeapon Set 2: BValuable traits i should focus on

Any more info is appreciated, but the above would at least give me a running start…Thanks in advance for any info!

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IMO, nothing beats full berserker power necro with wells for leveling. You'll have a blast with this.

Weapons: Axe+Dagger / Dagger+Warhorn1: Well of Suffering2: Well of Corruption3: Anything you want (I like Blood is Power)Elite: Flesh Golem

First unlock Blood Magic. Constant movement speed while wielding daggers. You become immortal due to leech. Decreased cooldown on wells.

Second unlock Spite. Lots of self might. Decreased cooldown on axe.

Third unlock Soul Reaping. That 50% extra crit chance within shroud is too good when you already have ferocity equips after lvl 60.

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