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[MSFT] 🌟🌟 Calling all daring adventurers and misfit extraordinaires! 🌟🌟


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Are you tired of guilds that take themselves more seriously than a Charr at a kitten party? Look no further, because [MSFT] The Renegade Misfits are here to shake up the Tyrian scene and steal your heart (and maybe some loot, if you're lucky)!

We may be small, but don't let our size fool you – we're as fierce as a quaggan defending its last piece of bubble gum. 💥 PvE is our bread and butter, but we've got a few PvP enthusiasts who couldn't resist our magnetic charm. If you're a master of the dungeon dive or just a tad curious about WvWvW, come join the fray!

Now, let's talk about our members. We've got veterans who have slayed dragons before breakfast, returning players who've polished off their rusty armor, and fresh-faced adventurers who think the Lion's Arch jumping puzzle is a myth. No matter your experience level, we're all in this together – like a zerg charging into battle, but with more camaraderie and less accidental friendly fire.

Don't know your boons from your conditions? No worries! We're all about the "learn as you go" philosophy. Perfect builds? Please, we prefer builds that keep us on the edge of our seats, wondering what's gonna happen next. Mechanics? As long as you know which end of your weapon points the right way, you're golden.

🌎 Calling all time zones! 🌍

Our guild halls might be located in one corner of Tyria, but our hearts and adventures span the whole darn map. If you're burning the midnight oil, questing when the sun's down, or just playing whenever your asura-invented chrono-trinket tells you to, we're here for it! 8pm Eastern is our prime time, and we keep the party going till the roosters of Divinity's Reach start questioning their life choices.

But wait, there's more! We're not just slaying dragons and conquering dungeons – we're also masters of mischief and mayhem. Laughter echoes through our Discord channels like the sound of a Norn keg party in full swing. We believe that if you're not wiping from laughter at least once a session, you're doing it wrong.

Ready to embrace your inner misfit and join the most ragtag group of adventurers this side of the Mystic Forge? Click that link faster than a skritt grabbing shiny treasure – https://discord.gg/YTG8PHCZz4. Your legendary journey with the Renegade Misfits starts now! 🎮🎉


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