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Domain of Vabbi Academy waypoint.

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I think I am following the WKI to get a Griffin Exactly, I spring up to the level above the spearmarsshials poi, Is it that first Jackal Portal on the left I take to the Plateu? because if so something is really wrong because it says in the WIKI that the Plateu is safe from Brandstorms, yet I am killled by a constant brrandstorm every time!

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This part?

After talking to Kandake, players can mount on a springer and reach the ledge right above her. Slightly to the left is a jackal portal (the one high above, not the one at the bottom near the mastery point. If players fall down they can climb back up with a springer). Players should dismount their springer, await a small break from the brandstorm, mount their jackal, and take this jackal portal to enter the Yahnur Plateau, which is safe from the brandstorm. From the plateau, players can mount on their springer and jump to reach the Sunspear Sanctuary.

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