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Expansion Launch with no balance patch - take two


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Arena Net has once again decided to launch an expansion without an accompanying balance patch.

Despite making major additions to professions in the form of the weapon mastery system and relics, the launch's balance changes amount to little more then a foot note.

Going by the posted schedule, it will be at least a couple of months before a major balance patch. If not longer, if it is coming with the new weapons in "the second major quarterly release".

They did this with EoD as well. Arguably even more egregiously in that case, with the addition of 9 new elite specs.

Arena Net, you have been consistently criticized for your poor approach to the game's balance. Especially in recent years. How is this an acceptable time-line?

You can't just throw a bunch of new things into the game and then go "meh we'll see how it plays out and adjust it later".

Determine a vision, do testing, make changes, and then launch your expansion with a major balance patch like every other game on the planet.


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