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Please re(re)vert Throw Mine in WvW, or provide a healthier change for all Modes


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Yes, a 12s CD, 5 Target cap, 3x boon removal, 2x AoE, unblockable glorified C4 charge was incredible strong and needed a tone down. Though having its CD doubled whilst having its boon removal reverted back to 1 is just too much. On top of its toolbelt skill loosing its strips, this utility skill can be pretty much be deleted from the game if it weren't its (braindead) use in PvE. 

As your local throw mine abuser of half a decade, I can tell you that this skill was absolutely kitten and horrid to fight against in both WvW and PvP. Though there are ways to make this utility skill retain its combo-gameplay, area denial, and raw damage without making it an absolute war-crime or a peace inducing suggestion. 

Rename - Throw Mine -> Remote Fire Charge

  • Recharge: 18s (WvW and PvP) 12s (PvE)
  • Removed: Stun
  • Removed: Auto Detonation and Proximity Effect (Allows the return of timed bursts and controlled mid-air detonation, but its subjective since it means players have to press one more button [Which is what I assume was the case of the original change to auto detonate when the skill was overcharged to a 3.0 scaling for PvE] )
  • Added: Damage - (0.5 Power for WvW and PvP)  (3.0 Power for PvE)
  • Added: Leaves a Burning field on Detonation (Self Blasts similar to traited Function Gyro)
    • Unblockable
    • Combo Field: Fire
    • Fire field Pulse: Burning 1s
    • Fire Field Damage: (0.25) Per pulse
    • Number of Pulses: 4 at 1 Pulse per 0.5 Seconds
    • Radius: 240
  • Number of Targets: 5
  • Explosion Radius: 240
  • Throw Range: 900
  • Number of Boons Removed: 1 (WvW) 3 (PvP and PvE)
  • Invisible (When dormant)
  • Combo Finisher: Blast
  • Explosion
  • Unblockable
    • Gadgeteer Effect: Causes a secondary delayed explosion 
    • Delay before Secondary Explosion: 2s
    • Damage: (0.5 Power For WvW and PvP) (3.0 Power For PvE)
    • Number of Targets: 5
    • Explosion Radius: 240
    • Combo Finisher: Blast
    • Explosion
    • Unblockable

Rename Toolbelt Skill - Mine Field -> Throw Impulse Charge

  • Throw a remote device that detonates a dazing blast. Implodes after a short delay, pulling nearby foes.
  • Recharge: 30s (PvP / WvW)  15s (PvE)
  • Damage Blast: (0.25 Power For WvW and PvP) (0.5 Power For PvE)
  • Damage Pull: (0.01 Power For WvW and PvP) (1.0 Power For PvE)
  • Number of Targets: 5
  • Daze Radius: 240
  • Daze Duration: 0.5s
  • Throw Range: 600
  • Pull Radius: 240
  • Combo Finisher: Blast (On Daze)
  • Explosion (On Daze)

Throw Remote Fire Charge becomes a hybrid mix of Break Enchantments and Flame Trap to play into the Engineer theming of taking other Profession's skills. Though it doesn't have the instant 360 radius sweep as Break Enchantments nor the firepower and uptime as Flame Trap, it comes in the benefit of being a range casted ground target. Its boon rip power is reduced but still remains, and the Gadgeteer effect still provides a second explosion, albeit more healthier in a competitive setting  due to the delayed strike. This rework pushes the Utility to a full damage and area denial tool for Engineers whilst still providing the same combo gameplay it had before the nerfs. 

The Toolbelt skill now becomes the main way to disable targets, whilst still providing PvE players a viable method to chunk Break Bars. Current iteration of Mine Field is definitely a dated 2012 concept that only serves as a cast -> detonate situation to (hopefully) land all your mines on some poor target if they decided to stay in your 1s cast time. Impulse Charge acts similarly to Throw Mine with but a Daze, but with a delayed lesser Mesmer Focus 4 (again, to keep with theming) to pull nearby foes.



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