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When using the shop you do not see on which account you are logged in

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As pretty much said in the topic I have this problem with the shop on buy.guildwars2.com. I have more than one GW2 account and normally I log only on my main account into the website, but today I had to change the password of another account.

After that I went to the shop and wanted to buy an expansion. In the shop you only see that you are logged in, but not with which account. So I logged out of the account, logged in onto my main account and went back to the shop - still no way to see in which account I'm logged in.
I put an item into the cart, and bought it.

The item didn't appear at my account yet (but neither in the other one)


I'm not asking for a refund or something, I just hope you optimize your shop website so you can see the account name on top.

Screenshot with the issue on Chrome (latest build)


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