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New player, in need of Sensei


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Hey, what's up! I'm a new player around level 43. I am enjoying the game so far and want to group up with some homies or find a chill guild. I want to experience the world, level up as well as play fractals, strikes, and raids. I have tons of experience playing WOW so MMOs are familiar. I am a team player. Just wanna chill out and have a good time, and come through and clutch the moment for my team in any way I can help. Also, any tips on how to get my friends to try this game out would be greatly appreciated.

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Tears of Fortune [TOF]

Discord focused guild (NA Based) where you can hang out in voice and always have someone to game with. I created this guild as a place for people to enjoy the game in a social atmosphere, in a way that goes beyond the guild chats in game and the many servers that have active text channels with nobody in voice.

Content we like to run:

  • Daily Strikes
  • Metas
  • Fractals T1-4+CMs
  • Raids
  • Bounties
  • Ranked PvP

We are very accommodating to new players and never against teaching people how to do things, there will always be trainings available for all content. At the same time we want to keep things engaging for our members that have been playing since the launch of GW2, so there will also be runs with experience necessary. If you want to give us a try, come join our server and introduce yourself :) https://discord.gg/FY3PcE8qz4

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