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Can you please tone down these low skill condi/condibomb builds

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12 hours ago, oujiboardspamname.1932 said:

I can assure you no one is playing prev. It died a few seasons back, extreme skill ceiling and incredibly fragile, no reason to hop on it. 


Yeah I tried it multiple times, not easy to play and super punishing, IMO thats good, its just that so many other specs are not punishing, I found it too frustrating to play. I do really prefere the condi core build with shortbow/mace-axe and cent/demon, its a decent all round build (I don't care about getting to plat in this game.. just to farm silvers). The amount of CC it can pump out, which also procs team healing and queen relic would be problomatic if instant stability spam was ever adressed. It's pretty much on par with SPB cc + more dmg/team utility. But its a decently hard spec to play, which is important becuase it means mistakes and punishment for mistakes happens, as it should do. I recently deleted my warrior for that reason, its just bloated with casual friendly sustain/dmg (vet warriors I know you are skilled, don't get triggered). Its not like I didn't try to enjoy the class but its too often getting away with things it shouldnt, like fking virt mesmers.

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