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❤️ I Wanna Share my Heart(of Thorns) to Everyone Around the World: HUGE Monday Giveaway!


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Heya Tyria!

| TL:DR :: MASSIVE Giveaway Free to Enter. Monday @ 9:30pm. EST on both Twitch & on YouTube! Heroic Codes + Deluxe Upgrades for the Heart of Thorns(HoT) or Path of Fire(PoF) Expansions! Lots!! |

As part of my ongoing effort to showcase how absolutely freaking awesome Build Crafting and the Combat in MMOs can actually be, I'll be giving away FULL copies of GuildWars2 this coming Monday complete with enough gold to Upgrade to the Deluxe Version of either the Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire Expansion, (via ArenaNet's current Black Friday Deals,) if you own the Base Version!


Caveats to This
 The What:
1) What you will get if you Win: A Heroic Edition code and enough in-game gold to>convert to gems to buy the Deluxe Edition(s) of either Heart of Thorns (HoT) or Path of Fire (PoF). *Note: You MUST OWN the base version of HoT or PoF to redeem this. So if you do not congrats on your alt account and ~300 gold or subsidized copper-fed I guess. 🙂
2) The codes that I have are Genuine but expire ~2 weeks after this giveaway. I do not believe they are region-locked, but if they are apologies.
3) The HoT or PoF expansion promotion price will expire Tuesday at 9am. EST. -- Sorry for the late notice. But I had 0 idea if this would even be possible with their Black Friday pricing structure, and put this together as fast as I could.
4) As with all of my content, this is 1000% NOT MONETIZED. If you get an add on YT or Twitch, that's on their end. I stream / do these events purely on my own dime because I love this game, and they are not sponsored by or associated with ArenaNet. So don't yell at them, and if this post, or giveaway somehow violates this sub's posting-guidelines or Twitch's Giveaway policies, I'm apologize. But regardless this is happening. So tell your friends if you like! 😄
5) Anyone with an account in good-standing with ArenaNet and my Channel (literally everyone to my knowledge for the latter,) will be able to enter. Unless you're being colossally stupid, and unable to follow my usual incredibly simple chat rules of "Use your brain" or have otherwise angered my extremally chill mods.
6) Giveaways will continue until my ~2 hour window expires or I run out of codes + Giveaway Gold. - Whichever comes first!

 The How:
Giveaway codes will be answers to weird GuildWars2 build crafting and systems trivia that I think is neat, relevant to new players, or just especially weird. Fear not new players! All answers/codes will be given out before each Giveaway. So everyone will have equal chances to win!

 The Why:
Because Build Crafting rules. The systems in this game rock. And for the first time in my 11-Year GW2 Career I have the In-Game money to fund something like this.


If you have any questions feel free to throw a comment under here or ask on the day-of and I'll try my best to answer to the best of my knowledge!

Rock on & I'll see you in Tyria! o7

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