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Fight Academy - Fulgur Auri [Auri] (NA) Sanctum of Rall

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We are a small and organized fighting guild. We will help you get better at fighting and bring you to fighting content such as pvp, wvw, raids/strikes/dungeons/fractals/bounties. We will require you to already be above 2.5k achievement points and know what are boons, conditions and equipment attributes, as well as being able to use comfortably all your buttons for the skills.

This is a Polite community.

Our small size is our best feature:
- You will be known and recognized by each member. We have a webpage where we display each member, we have the option for members to upload and selfpromote their content in our webpage.

What differentiates us from other fight teaching guilds: 
- We dont want to tell you what build to play, we dont want to use you as a tool or a bot, we want you to have personality in your gamestyle while at the same time being highly proficient. We will guide you in the process of creating your build in a way that you learn the class and role, not only an specific build. We give you parameters and you add your own creative touch.
- We have guides and lot of content for you to learn about roles, skills, formations, etc. That means you will actually know what you are doing and why.

As a member we will expect from you personal growth and help growing the guild. We do trainings to help you with your own growth, also you will have to complete the content we have on the guides. On the otherside, to help the guild grow, we will ask you to help us with recruitment, or event hosting, or fundsraising, or help with our digital infrastructure.

We like to keep the guild active:
- We have a rule of participating in guild events and guild growth at least once per week, if you cant commit to this, then this isnt the right place for you 😉
- Discord is mandatory, we need you to be able to read events info, feedback and strategy plans. Audio is highly encouraged at least listening, otherwise you wont get a clue of what is happening.

If you want to reach us you can find us in

You can join our discord in

Or you can reach me (guild leader) ingame:
ElectRic Raikou.8349

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