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Small boon Scrapper suggestion


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I think by now it’s safe to say that applying quickness with combo finishers on Scrapper feels pretty clunky. Also, since Hammer has been shared around to other elite specs, it feels like Scrapper has had some of its identity watered down. I had a simple idea that could give Scrapper some of that identity back while addressing the issue of how quickness application feels.

New Scrapper spec mechanic - Juggernaut Charge. When you dodge, rocket charge forward, knocking back enemies you dodge through and giving you superspeed. As for quickness, make Kinetic Accelerators cause Juggernaut Charge to give quickness and superspeed to nearby allies. You could even replace Impact Savant with System Shocker and rework System Shocker to be some completely new trait - this would give heal Scrappers the same barrier generation as boon dps Scrappers, because dodging would CC and give barrier in turn.

Why do I think this is a good idea? Well having an engi elite spec that explicitly cares about dodging makes the underutilised Tools traitline far more appealing, which could in theory lead to some interesting buildcrafting. Secondly, the design of Juggernaut Charge encourages a melee play style for maximum knockbacks that maintains the bruiser feel of Scrapper, while helping to further differentiate it from core Engineer. Finally, tying quickness to dodging gives Scrapper more freedom for utility slots and replaces ‘use gyro off cooldown for quickness’ with ‘dodge off cooldown for quickness’, which is arguably more interesting (as demonstrated by Mirage).


TL;DR - I think Scrapper could be really fun as Engineer’s take on a hybrid between spellbreaker and vindicator.

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