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[PvE, EU] LF spontaneous environment


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I'm on the lookout for a social, vibrant and friendly environment where people come together spontaneously, not just for instanced content. My experience with PvE guilds wasn't the best as most recruit numbers (to achieve their goals), not people.

I'm looking for an environment that has very active and friendly folks in the game, open to e.g. exploring together and chatting while at it. Of course this entails activities like dungeons and other instanced content, but what I don't want (and really dislike) are (the majority of) guilds who only recruit people for certain types of content, like raids or strikes, and can't come together besides that at all, posing as social, but in reality it quickly becomes dull and lifeless.

I'm looking for the good ol' fashioned let's help each other out with gathering, explore the zone together, do dynamic events, hearts, map exploration for gifts, or the collect achievements type of content. Then we can also include strikes and raids, or any of the vast amount of content the game offers.

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