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[NA] Looking for a Small Guild to Hang Out With

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Hi! I'm King's Ranger, I wouldn't call myself a veteran player but I've been playing on and off a couple year, I often take extended breaks to enjoy other games but recently dug in to start grinding for ascendant gear and just finished my skyscale. I'm looking for a smaller guild to hang out and make friends with, who don't mind hopping on to just play or do dailies occasionally or help each other with grinds. I've seen and sometimes been a part of many of the big guilds in the past that run all the content and help with everything, but I don't feel like I can just chill when dozens of people could show up for any given activity or I hop on the server and there's  20 people in the discord call.
Willing to aid with guild activities and grind but I do often find myself busy with other things nowadays and will often take long breaks from guild wars, although if I find a group of people I really click with I will probably play more.

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