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Domain of Kourna meta event Containing the Scarab Plague stuck preventing progress on beetle mount collection.

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I'm experiencing the same, found it weird that this morning it was in the exact same state as yesterday (1/3 cannon reprogrammed, 0 cannons remaining, perhaps it's the exact same instance?), and it is the last step I need for my beetle, sadge.

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A new map seems to have been opened, the meta is working fine on it.

Within the bugged meta, the cannons were looking like they were in a destroyed state; the cannon was pointing slightly down, with blackened marks all over as if it had become a destructible object which somehow got destroyed. No technicians were spawning again, and no meta-related event was failing or restarting!

Note: the cannon was looking exactly the same way as when it is destroyed from the event "Disable the cannon" during the out-of-meta cycle. Besides, while out of the meta cycle AND out of the event I linked, the cannons can be targeted & destroyed. Maybe something went wrong there?

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