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My Pistol feedback

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After spending a few hours in open world mucking around with the pistol here are my thoughts. I won't be talking about numbers, i dislike them and they can and will be changed with balance patches. I also won't mention weaver as i'v no experience of that elite.

Personally i very much like the idea of a pistol wielding spell slinger.

Animations. Boring, very boring. there's what 5 animations for 12 skills? all of them are dull and uninteresting. This is a master of the elements, able to wield the power of flame, water, earth and air and some one decided that the default person stands and fires a gun was interesting. for a lot of players (especially in raids etc) it's the numbers that decide what weapon you're using but for a lot of others, especially in open world the rule of cool is supreme and this does not have it for me.

audio.. the sound for the auto attacks is unimaginative,  jarring and altogether horrible. if you're unwilling or unable to come up with something more thematic and interesting please at least turn the volume down on it.

bullets. it's an interesting idea and i'm not wholly against it but it needs a few changes. with a bullet 2 will give you extra deeps, 3 extra defence, straight forward enough? well water does it the other way round! please consider swapping it around.

Tracking the bullets. Horrible! you've a pretty good looking game, i should be enjoying the fight instead of staring at a constantly moving buff bar. this needs a separate ui element to make it useful. the bullets round your head are a nice touch but even stood still away from combat i struggled to work out which ones i had floating around.

Air. air 3, struggling to see the point of this and it feels horribly clunky. in the bin please! pistol skills cooldown duration. unless this is going to effect an upcoming OH pistol it's really not needed.



animations boring

sound horrible

bullets confusing

air wut?


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I got to say that its actually amazing how they managed to make magical pistol wielding gunslinger concept this boring and then go and up the ante by making it annoying and unfun to play with too.

I really don't understand what is even the point of the pistol at this point when scepter does the same with 95% easier and without giving you a tendonitis.

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