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Hammer AA proposal/discussion

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Predominantly Open World player here, on and off since launch o/

I think a big QoL improvement to the Hammer weapon would be to add 5 target splash damage/burn to Fire AA and a pierce to Air AA.


It feels bad to have both of these hit 1 target only when the rest of the weapon hits 5 targets, imo.

I only play OW and spvp so not sure on raid/strike builds but as I understand it, "optimal" play on Hammer tempest/catalyst rarely has auto-attacking periods in the rotation. Being able to be effective while auto attacking for a few seconds at a time rather than continuing the keyboard symphony would be a welcome change. It may even open up some functional builds in the Open World. Seeing as Necro swords are ranged and 5 targets, maybe Anet is no longer trying to keep to a weapon type target count standard they used to?

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