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[EU] Court of the Guardians [GARD] is recruiting. A new guild looking for new and veteran players to het off the ground

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🌟 **Join Us and Help Grow this New Community!** 🌟

Looking for more than just a Guild? Join us at [GARD] and become part of our close-knit community of like-minded players, where helping each other stands as our main principle.

🌍 **About Us**: 
[GARD] is more than just a Guild - we're a starting community united by our passion for exploring Tyria and conquering its challenges. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, you'll find a warm welcome here.

🤝 **What We Offer**:
- A supportive and friendly community
- Engaging PvE events and activities, including fractals, meta events, and world boss trains
- Opportunities for personal growth and progression
- Discord server for easy communication and coordination

🔍 **How to Join**: 
Ready to become a part of our community? Leave a reply here so we can have a chat and I van send you An invite. Let's embark on this adventure together and create a place we can be proud to call ours!

🌟 **Join [GARD] and Be a Part of Something Special!** 🌟

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Hi 🙂 

I'm a returning player after a hiatus of a good 5+ years. I have completely forgotten everything this game has to offer but would like to dabble in again. Your guild seems like it might be a good spot for me, if you'll have me. Currently still leveling at a rather slow pace, but I'll get there in the end.

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Good evening,

I am have returned to the game after quite a long break. I was playing during the path of fire expansion and I am working through the iceblood saga at the moment. I am interested in join the guild, so I hope we can have a chat

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