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[NA][PvE] Divine Order of Heroes [DOoH] is looking for you!

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Are you tired of promises of big guild energy with small results? Looking for something casual with benefits? Not quite rated PG-13? [DOoH] is a social, 18+ guild recruiting heroes of all skill levels!

Our Guild:
[DOoH] focuses on being a small and close knit PvE guild that still offers anything a large guild can. It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it! 

Over 3 years of consistent events: trains, memes, Map Comp & Movie Nights, cat pics, Guild Missions and Giveaways. Strikes and Raids are also available with our allies in [WIND].

Rough Schedule:
M: Strikes with [WIND]
T: Train Rotation (Infusion, WB, Etc.)
F:  Train Rotation (Infusion, WB, Etc.)
S: Raid training with [WIND]
Su: Guild Missions

Events start times are generally between 7-9PM EST.
All [WIND] events are available to all members of [DOoH].

We kick anyone with the unvested role quarterly. You can earn your vestments in a number of ways:
Come to at least 3 events within 3 months, OR
Hang out and chat in game, OR
Donate to guild giveaways.

Rule Synopsis:
We do not tolerate racist, sexist or homophobic behavior.

We love all animals but this is a cat guild.

To Join: 
If we sound like a good fit for you join our discord and add your name to ⁠guild-invite-requests after accepting the rules. Please allow at some time to get a request sent. 

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