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Phantom [New Trait & Weapon Idea]


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'Phantom' is all about bursting around you. It's an extension of the idea that Shattering without clones can still hit enemies next to you.

Your illusions will no longer deal damage when you shatter! All damage is done from and around you.

The emphasis will largely be about maximizing critical damage, power-based builds, interruption, conditions to stall your enemies and putting yourself near your foes before unleashing incredible damage!

Primary boons and conditions:
[Might] [Fury] 
[Slow] [Chilled]

Secondary boons and conditions:
[Quickness] [Resistance]
[Vulnerability] [Burning]

Pistol [Main Hand]
- Auto attacks: First is a direct piercing shot. The second is a stronger bullet that deals damage [+burning?] to enemies next to your target and the final shot has our character shoot directly up into the air, with a projectile flying directly down on our target for big damage and AOE [slow] application.

- Skill #2: Shoot the ground at your location, causing a burst of heavy damage and boon/condi application to you, allies and foes.

- Skill #3: Shoot at target location to teleport, dazing enemies around you and giving stability to allies.

Whenever you critical an enemy, you get an amount of energy that charges your essence and power! This will charge your elite shatter skill.

All your shatter skills deal large AOE damage near you.

- Shatter #1: Large, concentrated burst damage next to you.

- Shatter #2: Smaller damage, condition application and a larger AOE circle.

- Shatter #3: Interruption, largest AOE circle. 

Elite shatter requires a substantial charge up effect. Once ready, shatter to enter into the Phantom stance!

Your character will spawn a rapier and a mask (Original Guild Wars Art!)

The Phantom Stance will give you access to 5 new skills.

I haven't thought up the skills, however, the idea is each skill will be sword + focus based, using that Original GW art as a concept. Sword is the critical damage and mask (focus) is you bursting near your enemies!

It's an incomplete idea but that is the general gist of it. I think it's more than enough to extend out into a full skillset.


Thank you for your time.

I hope this idea resonates with you. I hope Anet reads this!

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  • Blackmoon.6837 changed the title to Phantom [New Trait & Weapon Idea]

I have ONE question: How do you survive?

Mesmers are a scholar class. We have naturally lower HP and toughness than the other, burlier professions. We specialize in support roles and long range combat and flourish in a team setting. We do NOT want to be the center of attention. A scholar whether that's a Mesmer, Elementalist, or Necromancer in the middle of a group of baddies in like a nerd that got lost in the football locker room: It's gonna be a bad day and you're probably not walking away from it. To that end not only do mesmers have range on their side we also have clones that help to take the pressure off of ourselves. It's our greatest ability and strength and allows us to survive situations other professions could not.

So here's a spec with the general idea that you WANT to be in the middle of things. It's not a bad idea, but for starters you've opted for a ranged weapon instead of a hammer or maces though I'll acknowledge that it seems you designed it with movement in mind rather than damage. But now what exactly is keeping you alive while you do all this? People aren't gonna stand and just eat it. They're gonna hit you back. Inflicting Slow and Chilled is going to take flight away from them so they're gonna have to default to fight. So what do you do then?

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Totally fair but given the general flow of PvE gameplay, you bursting is not going to require you standing stationary. It's just as relevant as using sword main hand, auto-attacking while circling a foe. The fluidity of this skillset won't at all require stationary commitments.

I think a little more teleport-like expression can help to alleviate any potential stagnation.


To that end, allow me to offer some additional thoughts!

The elite shatter, which puts you into the phantom stance, is similar to Repear's Shroud in function.

You get 5 skills that you can use freely, while your essence starts to diminish. 

Each skill is a powerful sword attack, combined with a focus-like skill. This means that two primary effects happen per skill. 

Some examples:

- Skill #3 is similar to Illusionary Leap. You'll shoot forward to your target (up to max distance and it'll be more like a teleport effect), with a powerful sword stab and burst effect on hit, which applies boons/condis. Cancel to teleport back to location. You'll get a few seconds so you can burst several times before teleporting back if you cancel. 

- Skill #4 has you sign the ground around you. This leaves a mark that applies boons and condis to those who are on it. This skill then turns into a potential burst skill. Click after signing to cause an explosive AOE effect.

Trait line idea to help with support:

- A trait that grants aegis upon critical hit and cooldown of (4s)? Cooldown can be adjusted to ensure it's not broken.


I'll give it some more thought and come back to offer an extension of ideas.

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