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LF Late [NA-PST] WvW Guild

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Hello everyone,

I am a WvW veteran that has taken time off and wanting to come back again to play when I can with a group of like-minded peeps who are active during the week/weekends after 8pm Pacific Standard Time. I heard news of the new restructuring, therefore it rekindled my desire to WvW again.

My current availability:

Tuesday after 8pm PST

Thursday after 8pm PST

Friday and Saturday (mostly after 8pm, sometimes ready for reset at 7pm [if that is still reset time])

My WvW Rank:


What I Play:

Support/Heal Firebrand (Full Ascended)/(Can Swap to Full Legendary Armor)

Berserker or SB Warrior (see above, can swap armors)

Scourge (Necromancer)

D/D Healing/Support Elementalist

Servers I have played on (to my memory)

Anvil Rock

Stormbluff Isle

Jade Quarry

Northern Shiverpeaks

I carry commanding (GvG and Pugmanding) experience for years, and I am looking to mesh with a group of players to have great fights in WvW, get some bags, and just have an overall good time. I am also willing to help those who are new to their classes and take any pointers from any updated builds/strategies that have changed since I took time off.

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