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The pvp scene of this game deserves more and needs a rejuvenation of pvp game modes, it's been over 10 years and people are still stuck with only conquest (stronghold kek), I think it's time to bring back AB or HoH. I don't hate this game I return to it every now and again, but as far as pvp goes we need a better meta that isn't the trinity of MMO's. Replicate the CoD structure; see and kill. Replicate the dota structure; build and kill. What's going on right now is pure boredom, another 10,000 games of conquest and I'm out. There needs to be something else for the PvP crowd. The lobby in HoTM doesn't cut it, conquest doesn't cut it after so many years, give the PvP/WvW crowd a chance. 

Please anet do something. I understand revenue and profit but the people who promote this game deserve something new. 

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10 minutes ago, Hightop.8294 said:

What a threat 😂 I press my thumbs for you, that the game's servers stay up long enough for your next 10000 games

I missed the second part, I'm already ready for a break after 4 days of playing, give this audience something new to enjoy! That's my arguement!

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