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[NA]-[WvW]-[SEA/OCX] Fake Ham [Tofu] recruiting New and Veteran players!

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Welcome to Fake Ham [Tofu]!

A multi-national SEA TIME WvW guild on Ehmry Bay comprising of members from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, USA and others.

We're currently recruiting in an effort to grow the guild to be a 15-20 man squad.

Everyone has room to grow no matter what experience level you are and we are committed to help you grow.

We're recruiting players who are looking for a fun and try hard environment

Operating hours: OCX/SEA time 9pm-11am SGT (9am EST)

What we want from you?

  • Use the builds and classes we provide
  • Join Discord during raids

Join the discord to apply!

Established: 31/12/2020

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