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Scrapper support builds for pvp


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Hello all i am looking for a good support scrapper build for spvp and wvw.

For wvw i am not sure if wanderer gear or commander gear is good or if a healing power tank stat is good.

For wvw i can get about 50% boon duration but i kind of like having healing power. Healing lets my elixir gun 5 and my healing turret heal better.

I like having power for burst hammer damage and some defense stats like vitality and toughness anf either concentration or healing power. Not a big fan or precision since i would be squishy to condi.

For spvp i don't know what amulet would be good. Any reccomendations ? What about rune?

Also does rune of mercy increse elixir rez speed and gyro rez speed?

I think paladin / maruder is the worsts. Too squishy and damage is good but hammer is good burst damage scaling not very good critical damage. Also have to blow coldowns to get in melee or kited around.

Scrapper is slow and tanky so i wanted to provide healing or boons. What is you guys opinion ?

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PvP and WvW have different gear setups (which you already know). You can do anything in WvW for the most part, but PvP takes way more skill to really use off-meta builds.

The current meta can be found here: https://metabattle.com/wiki/Engineer

For PvP:

Engineers are a very supportive bunker class as of now, so your on the right path. This may or may not change with the upcoming expansion or already has and not have been updated. They aren't played as the boon providers but rather the profession that keeps their team alive with cleanses, fields, and CC and a little extra damage. The problem with being a boon provider (with no cleanse) are versing classes like Necros who would just turn that against you.


Amulet: Paladins against a majority Power Damage opposition; Menders against a majority of Condi Damage (though running Menders requires a bit more situational awareness)Rune: Rune of Surging/Scrapper against majority Melee; Leadership against majority of Condi Damage; Hoelbrak/Water for a mixSigil: Flexible...but usually: Sigil of Cleansing, Sigil of Doom; Sigil of Purging - If the Condi is really heavy to justify two Condi Cleanse Sigils

How to PvP

Situational awareness is super important in PvP and knowing how to adapt and play against your opponents.


  • Probably the best Engi that currently streams just Engi play:
  • Check out his past videos if he isn't live. He's very helpful on what he does and why.


  • Who also plays other classes along with Engi to give you an insight how other classes play. Positive Mental Attitude :)
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