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Messing around with boon mirage.

R E F L H E X.8413

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Not sure where I'd place this build in tier ranks, however I made it yesterday and it is holding its own in unranked pretty well, a lot better than I'd have assumed. Unlike meta mirage this ones built for teamfights. If youre wanting to have fun and try something different try this it's a possible meta build.

I wanted to make a support mirage (using benefits of mirage/ aka EM also tried the distortion trait but went with perma protection instead).

If you try to make a support mesmer you'll quickly find that healing is not the way to go. There were a few versions made before coming up with the one I'm linking.

So I came up with a boon build. It has perma protection. Gives allies lots of boons, and does its fair share of damage. Since you dont heal well the form of healing I came up with is being a resser. (I also wanted to use illusion of life since its fun to pull off I guess you could switch it for portal if you really wanted to but ressing falls under support).


When using diviner amulet you want to use vitality runes and this will help stop you from being insta downed. Currently I'm using soldiers to get off staff back to sword quicker however speed and wurm are both viable options. This is what I've been doing -- 2+ projectiles not many condis trade null field for feedback, 1-2 necros with not many projectiles, run null field. Using staff over gsword for perma protection with mirage mantle trait and it does a little bit of boons for allies.

I havent gotten to paly it with a firebrand beside me yet to give it good tests, however its holding its own really well even against scourge especially for a boon spammer.

Edit the build was missing the sword weapon set.

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