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[N.A] Duck - Friends U Can Keep is recruiting now !


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Friends U Can Keep [Duck] New and growing PvX (WvW main) guild based in Crystal Desert. We're still building and we want YOU to be part of it. You do not have to be in the Crystal Desert server if you're not planning to WvW. The only requirement is to be friendly and be like a family!GoalsWvWCrystal Desert server hasn't been doing great in WvW for a while now. 70% of the time, you won't find any Tag for you to pug with. Our goal is to encourage people that we can have fun and dominate without a tag present. Everyone could play a role somewhat and the role that we want to take as a guild, is small scale group fighting that could hold itself against bigger groups. Vet and New players welcomed!PvEVery soon we're gonna have scheduled World Boss Trains, and a bit later scheduled 'up to date' farming squads. Daily T4s are also in the mix, and if more people request we might do daily guild runs for it too. Then comes Raid, something we haven't tried yet honestly but definitely would love to when we have the numbers. If you're a raid vet, come join and guide us Scrubs! We're a fast learning bunch!sPvPWe pvp for fun from time to time, sometimes for guild missions and always every season to get the final chests. A lot of us think it's cancer but it's still a good training ground nonetheless. Still cancer though. Waiting for that one sPvP legend among us to prove us wrong!_The Crew_First of all, we're a loud and rude bunch. We curse all the time to hide our inner softies hearts. Our members come from Malaysia, Europe, Dominican Republic, US and other parts of the world. Don't be shy to join in, just jump right into our discord or leave us an in game message:







See you in Tyria, Cheers!

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