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Any hopes of seeing high resolution texture applied to celestial infusions?


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Hi! I'm a bit surprised I couldn't find any earlier topic about the same thing, but I may have missed it—and if there is one, it seems to have been drowned under the sands of time.

I don't have the Starboung Griffon skin myself, but fortunately quite a few people fly around with it, and here's what I saw:

jWmeSz4.jpgncjfFIP.jpg(Screenshots taken with the "Best Appearance" graphics preset—though no antialiasing is applied.)

While the Griffon is truly gorgeous with this detailed, high-res texture which truly is top-tier fashion warring material, the celestial infusions have more stars implied in the name than there really are in their texture. I never thought much of it because I didn't know if there even was a high-res starry texture, but now I know there is—and commonly used since Starbound Griffons are common in the open world.

So, can we hope that the Griffon texture may be applied to the Celestial Infusions any time soon?

Even if it's only via the High-Res Character Textures option, it would be nice to have the nicest versions of those blue and red infusions available. I've read here and there that people would not wear them because they don't look like much, which is sad considering they're supposed to be very lucky drops or big rewards for mastery of high-end content.

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