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revenant master

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Both these classes have very different potential goals! If you are more of a solo player (for PvE or you like roaming in WvW or 1v1 in PvP), or like very high dps and being a glass cannon that survives through stealth and evading attacks, then Thief (and the specializations) might be for you!Meanwhile, Mesmer will never reach a "power" dps as high as a thief, but I personally think it's a more versatile class. You can be a tank or a support (one giving some of the most useful bonuses in this game) or a mix of both. You can be a dps though condition damage too (especially as a Mirage). Mesmers have some of the most unique skills in terms of utility! Generally, I think it's a class that interacts better with others in terms of group content that thief.It's just up to you in what you want or like to do in the game ^^ !

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