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[NA][mvp] is looking for raiders to join our statics!


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Many Valuable Players currently fields 3 static groups. Two clear groups and 1 progression.

Tues/Thurs (Clear) 5PM-8PM PST: Looking for DPS & Chrono [8/10]Sunday (Clear) 11:30PM - 3AM PST [raid reset]: Looking for DPS, Druid, Chrono [7/10]Saturday (Progression) 6PM - 9PM PST: Looking for backup slots [10/10]

For our clear groups, we require that the..

Chronos know all tanking mechanics and any other mechanics a chrono may do in an encounter; ie towers (escort)

Druids know all specific mechanics on bosses such as oil kiting, flak kiting, and everything else.

DPS must have both a condi and a power option as well as know all mechanics they may do (cannons, shrooms, etc)

If you're interested in any, please feel free to apply on our Discord. https://discord.gg/hK2Q3jU

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