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[YUM] [HoD] Havoc/Roaming Eu/Early NA


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[YUM] Noobcakes with Pwnsauce is a Casual Havoc/Roaming Guild and sometimes Zerg-Busting when we have the numbers.

-Raids We don't have a schedule, we pretty much play together anytime we are online.

-Recruits We choose new people based on how well they get along with the guild rather than skill. We love to teach!

-Timezone We are EU/Early NA based. We start running around 3PM EST/8PM GMT+0

Check out our Videos!http://bit.ly/2BqqEcZ - Check channel for more Videos!http://bit.ly/2kIvf3Nhttp://bit.ly/2zhRF04

P.s. Fashion is important!

Message me In Game if you are interested.

We are looking for people wanting to lead/drive! Newbies are welcome :)

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