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(EU) Making a guild looking for leaders and talkative players


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Hi,Are you looking for a guild that is a community of talkative members, where you can have fun, laugh and make friends in the process?Are you looking to have fun with and enjoy low end to high end PvE content with some PvP thrown in the mix?Then I have a proposition for you; myself and a few other players have decided to take it upon themselves to make a guild.

Our dream is simple and is as follows:

Have a guild without a role-play name that people will rememberHave a growing community of players that are active not only in the guild but more importantly on discord talking to one another.Enjoy the all aspects of the game and can help one another outBring back the feeling of older style guilds and community’s and hope to at least form new friendships with people from all corners of the EU.Have a shared responsibility in making the guild

Now how are we going to accomplish this you may ask? Well admittedly this is a hard task and it is something that we are not willing to do alone, this is why we already need you. We are looking for the social, talkative players out that inspire others to follow in their lead and join them. We are looking for the leaders, the heads of the social circles and the go getters to help us raise this guild from the ground up to a high standing as one of the "Must Join" guilds on this game.

You must understand that this is not a small task and it is something that me and my companions have already accepted and know wholeheartedly is a large goal, therefore if you are not looking for responsibility and cannot see yourself as a lead role in this, then unfortunately this is not for you. However we are also looking for the talkative social players and people looking for a main discord to jump in chat and chill with therefore if you wish to join us then please skip to the bottom and get in touch as soon as possible.

What we have to offer is members that have previously ran a large 350+ guild on this game and know the ins and outs of administrating a guild. We also have vast knowledge of all aspects of the game and many other creative abilities to utilise when implementing this challenge.

We know that managing and administrating a guild can be stressful and sometimes a burden to the individual playing. However with your help we can share this responsibility to the point where we can all manage and create an environment where we can all have fun.

Interested? We currently are all based in the UK therefore we ask you to know English very well and more importantly be on Discord often to chat to us around the GMT+00 timeframe. There will be a sort of vetting process where we will get to know you and see how much of a fit you really are, so do not expect to hit the ground running alongside us. Nonetheless if you do wish to get in contact with us then we cannot wait to hear from you.

You can contact the following players and myself via the below:Myself -GW2 account: Divcdk.8402 //Discord:Dave#3717Chuckles -GW2 account: Pistolwhip.2697Scott -GW2 account: Crixx.9283Rabb -GW2 account: Raffury.7982

Thank you for taking the time to read this.Regards, DaveNB- Thank god for the 40,000 character limit xD

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