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[NA][PVE] Do you even praise [JOKO]


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Hi there! Do you have a second to talk about our lord and saviour, Palawa Joko? Because we are Do you even praise [JOKO]. A small guild focusing primarily on raids and fractals, and secondarily on WvW [Henge of Denravi]. We are looking for players with a positive attitude and are willing to learn who all share a common interest and want to be a part of a community. If this sounds like something you are looking for; please read on.

Raids:This guild is not about being the best at anything or looking to speed run. We try to keep a casual environment when raiding especially on older bosses. We want friendly and humble people who are passionate about raiding and are hungry to clear bosses in a timely fashion. (3 pulls or less on older bosses, as many as it takes without getting frustrated on new bosses)We prioritize consistency over speed, meaning we clear about consistent smooth clears over min/maxing every parameter for clear times. We also operate with a core/casual raider system. If you are core member you have priority for raids. We expect fantastic performance on multiple classes and to be up to speed on the bosses we are running. If you are looking to raid more casually with us we have a role for you. Though you may not be guaranteed a spot initially, if we need someone to fill you’ll be asked. As we are are casual raiding guild, there will be people who want to take breaks/can’t make it. Eventually there will be a spot for you. Over time, casual members can be promoted to core members if enough interest is shown.We do not run a static raiding guild, so we do not expect you to be there every day we raid. We do expect you to tell us if you can or cannot come so we know how to organize the group and what bosses we can run that day.

WvW:If you are looking to play WvW with us, you must be on HoD or one of the servers linked with the server. You must also be on a meta zerg class (Scourge, Firebrand, Spellbreaker, Weaver, Chrono, Herald, or Tempest) if you wish to zerg with us. We do this casually or when we have enough people. Usually on the weekends. Whether roaming, forming zergs or joining zergs. More or less we are looking for more people to play the game mode with.

Socials:We are also looking for socials to do random stuff with. Like fractals, open world, dungeons, pvp, other games, ect. Basically just more people to hang out with and to do more things with when we aren’t raiding.Voice chat is requirement if you are raiding or playing WvW with us. Discord Required (Talking not required, but you need to hear what people are saying). We are not aiming for a large amount of members to keep the guild more intimate.

Raid days are Monday Wednesday and Thursdays 9pm est. Add and/or send mail to Pawng.9103 (EST), Hazenvirus.8154(MNT) , Calinurbuthole.8529 (MNT), Shatterstorm.4927 (PST). If our guild sounds like a good fit for you we look forward to hearing from you.

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