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Seeing all of these issues with no real answers?

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So reading through a various amount of posts including my own... I see no real response to the fps drops. I don't see a response to the latency issues nor do I see at least a confirmation there are real solutions in place. If you are trying to let guild wars 2 die out then by all means just say that so everyone can find another game to fill their time rather then play this game like its 1997 and you don't own a voodoo card yet.

Can arena net do something about your mass amount of still loyal players before you lose them to other games that actually try to fix their issues. If its a nvidia problem then give us something to fix it. If its a memory leak error then figure it out. Overall give us something before you have nothing.

Referring me or others to your support page to reset things or disable things is not in fact a real solution as that's a generalization of bs.

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