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[EU] Mesmer LF PvE focused guild


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Hello. I'm tired of ending up in guilds that's not doing much more than guild missions. I want to be in an actual PvE guild focusing on high end fractals, dungeons and raids.My favorite go-to profession is mesmer, although I have other professions if needed. I might not be the best player, but I have potential and I learn quickly from my mistakes and love exploring new content. Are there any serious guilds out there recruiting with open room for a player like me? A guild that actually focuses on PvE content and doesn't declude inexperienced players? I've not entered a raid yet but I'd love to, and I am willing to learn and bring what's best for the team.

Willing to write an application if needed, that way I can tell if this is a quite serious guild or not. So hey, if you're looking for a new member that can bring lots of fun, a player which has potential and is willing to learn new things, shout out and let me know! You can also contact me in-game @ Melianah

Hugs from me!

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