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Kiting Illusions with Druid's stone spirit in Nightmare CM when fighting siax the unclean?

Mister Asdasd.6194

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Recently i changed from playing Warrior in fractals to Druid since my Warrior was power and they are not kewl nowadays and while i have cleared Nightmare CM about 4 times now today on my 5th attempt someone asked me for the first time if i could kite the illusions with my stone spirit. What exactly did that player mean by that? Do i somehow use the spirit's active to immobilize the Illusions that fixate on you and kill them? We still managed to clear that part on the first try but i dont believe i did what they wanted me to. No one commented on it though. Anyone can help me figure out what this strategy is because i swear every time i enter that place someone wants me to do something diferent. How many strats do i need to know as a Druid in that place?

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