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Casual player looking for PvX Guild for upcoming sPvP season and some other stuff.


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I'm looking for a guild to start the upcoming sPvP season with (interested in Duo/Triple Queue or Teamrankeds). I also would like to start in organized WvW but I have to admit that I didn't quiet understand the system behind WvW just yet (how to find groups etc.) so I'm a 100% beginner here.

In PvE I like to run fractals..sometimes. Not on a daily basis but sometimes it's fun to me. I never did raids...maaaybe I'm interested in trying it out tho, depends if I can spend the time.

About me:26 years old guy from Germany.Mainly play on weekends and on some weekdays.I've been active in only one sPvP season this far and reached high gold.I mainly play warrior (99%), I got my power-based spellbreaker as main and a Condi-PS twink. I'm also willing to equip a healdruid/bunker (for fractals/raids) if needed.sPvP: my main focus. I played 845 ranked games (678 as warrior).WvW: absolute beginner, I'm currently getting equipment for my main to change his main purpose to WvW roaming and skirmishes tho, Guide needed!Fractal: my main (power) got 150AR but is not needed any longer (I'm buying WvW infusions right now). The condi ps twink got 134 (I still need an asc. backpack [working on Ad Infinity Precursor).Raid: Never done them, maybe open for it on a laid back weekend.

Note: I am casually playing GW2, my hardcore competetive times (GW1, cs:source and LoL) are over for like 5 years now. I mainly play as a way of relaxation after work or if I'm not busy on weekends. I would like to find a guild to play whenever people are available. I will not join a Guild where it says "tuesdays is for raids, you have to take part" or "sPvP train every saturday 12:00 pm". Just casual man!

PS: im looking for an english speaking guild because I also use online games to maintain and improve my english language skills. Im quiet fluent (not perfect tho!)Might have a hard time with certain accents tho :D

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