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Atanae (will draw for gold)


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Hi everyone ! I'm Atanae, french roleplayer (sorry ofr the clumsy english), and I make art as a hobby. While I'm by no means a professional, I practice a lot in my free time, using mostly watercolors and markers (I prefer using traditionnal media, but I often sketch digitally as well)

I tend to spend all my time on this game roleplaying, and it does not give me a lot of occasions to farm. Btw I don't like to farm and I'd rather spend time drawing and painting instead so... here we are.

I'd like to offer a few commissions for in-game gold :)Many options are available here, with different prices

1) Sketchy portrait 100gSketch portrait of your character, in black and white, made digitally. It will look something like this :mallie_and_roenne_by_jerylian-dbk8ui0.pn

2) Colored portrait 200gI print the digital portrait, I copy it with my lightbox and paint it with watercolor. It can look something like this :mallie__watercolor__by_jerylian-dbkkob6.


3) Inked lineart 250gLineart of the upper body of your character, made traditionally of digitally (as you wish). Looks something like this :alix_by_jerylian-dbo3ep3.png

Of like this of done traditionally (but with a better resolution don't worry) :just_another_atanae_by_jerylian-dbv98f0.

4) Watercolor painting 300gFull watercolor painting with a lineart, same framing as the n°3 option. Very simple background (usually just a wash of colors). Looks like those :atanae_detailed_outfit__2017__by_jerylia



I can do something more complicated, a scene with more than one character, a background, something like that, but the prices will be higher. I'm open for discussion.

If you want to check the rest of my art you can go to my Deviant Art gallery : http://jerylian.deviantart.com/

I hope some of you will be interested. Have a nice day everyone ! :)

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