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[EU][Raid] Raiding guild [ENUF] -- semi-hardcore, professionally relaxed -- needs 2 new members!


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  • Do you want to raid in a fun and friendly environment?
  • Do you have some solid experience but want to grow as a raider?
  • Do you want to be part of a static and stable raiding group? If yes to the above, then keep reading!

Who are we?

[ENUF] is an EU-based semi-hardcore, professionally-relaxed, raiding guild with no room for elitism. This means that we are a group of players committed to killing raid bosses and successfully clearing wings, but in a relaxed environment. There is a degree of seriousness in the group, however, we will always be fun and friendly and we can laugh to wipes and clown fiestas.We recognise that raids can in principle be done by 5 people, or 10 naked chronos. As such, we recognise that as a group we need to work out what works for us. Just because one raid group or guild does things one way does not mean it is the best way for us. This is partially what we mean by "no elitism". Being open minded and flexible is key for this group.

What we do

As a group we are practised with all bosses except for Dhuum. Prior to the release of wing 5 we were full clearing in 2 evening sessions (roughly 4 hours of game time). We currently have scheduled 4 raid days for a combination of kills and training/practice:

  • Tuesdays, for quick kills in W1-4.
  • Wednesdays, for W5 kills and practice
  • Thursdays, for more practice on W5, or kills in other wings not completed on Tuesday
  • Sundays, for any other unfinished business.

All raids start at 7pm UK (8pm Central Europe time). Long term, this will be cut down to two main raiding days in the week for kills, one will be Wednesday, the other either Tuesday or Thursday; yet to be decided.

What can you expect?

A static group that is friendly and stress free. We are all well practised in the first 4 wings, and have cleared Wing 5 up to Dhuum multiple times. We all multiclass so that on any given raid night we should have all of the important roles covered. This means that it is unlikely you will play the same character in every raid, unless you really want to. Varying things helps keep everything fresh.

What we need

  • We are looking for 2-3 new people to complete our group, so every night we can always get 10 people even if some people are unavailable
  • Commitment. If you want to be part of the group we do expect you to be a part of the group. That means showing up for raids. We understand that sometimes real life stuff gets in the way and that's fine. But if you do not communicate and do not show up, then you will not last long in the group.
  • You need to be comfortable with the first 4 wings and have at least some knowledge of Hall of Chains. You should have appropriate kill proof.
  • You must have a relaxed attitude and willingness to be flexible, to see how we as a group do things and to contribute positively. We are open to new ideas, but not to bad attitudes.
  • You will have upwards of 100 LI. This is not a training group. If you are after training send me a message in game (whispers may get lost, so send ingame mail)
  • You will be patient. Accidents happen, wipes are inevitable at times.
  • You should be able to or are aiming to multiclass, preferably with 1 "support" (chrono, BS, or druid/healer) and 1 DPS class. If you do not have appropriately geared a character for a "support" role, then we would like you to have 2 different DPS classes geared, 1 power and 1 condi. This isn't a terrible strict requirement, but being flexible does help.
  • We are particularly in need of an additional bannerslave, and we will never turn away a chrono! However, we have enough flexibility in the group that we can probably deal with any combination of classes you might have geared, so if you are interested feel free to apply anyway.

If you are interested in raiding with this group then please head over to our guild Discord (https://discord.gg/8DPHSZv) where you can message our #recruitment channel for more information.

If we do accept you we will do so for an initial two week trial period where we will see how you fit in with the group. For us, being friendly and helpful is as important as being competent.

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Following on from this post, we've had a couple of people join, but a couple of older members also needed to take a step back because of real life (dramatic changes to work schedule, final exams in a couple of months which demand much more attention). Therefore, this round of recruitment is still open.

If you are still interested please do come along to the Discord (invite link above) and message in our recruitment channel for more information.

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