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Trading Post Shift Theories Post-PoF?


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Curious to what people think will change in the trading post post-PoF launch. While we don't know for certain everything they will be adding that could change the trading post market, there is still some note worthy items that may change it from the demos. Like the crafting materials from heart vendors for karma. Think that alone will put much more value, with the current knowledge we have, into farming Karma (Which is a nice karma sink since I've sat on about 1 million karma for quite some time) and will possibly make the crafting material market nose dive in costs. The side effect is that gen 1 legendary weapons will reduce in price as well since it will reduce the price of nearly everything needed to craft them, including self crafted precursors. It's one of the reasons I've held off on crafting anything till I see if there is a market shift and also why I just sold every crafting material before release.

Think it won't change though?

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