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We Create Legend [WAR] EU Guild


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Hello here,our guild accept/recruit new members! We are guild of friends. Daily,friendly active members!

What you are waiting from us?

  • daily activities
  • -PvP (ranked&unranked)
  • world boss run
  • events run (on map)
  • Party times (meet memebers and we do something together)
  • dungeon
  • Discord(we have daily active discord)
  • Guild mission (every weekend)

Rules of this guild:

  • be patient
  • be polite to other members
  • respect me as leader
  • 100℅ no need(only during event time)

Guild hall, 16 lvl (still in progress)

Leader: Mischel.6274 (Queen)

WAR is family, we don't represent one person, we represent evereyone!

Join us and become legend!!

See you in game,

Michelle :))

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