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D/P daredevil is meta even when its not


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unless the enemy team have no thief. Then its better to play S/D.

Because if the enemy team do have a thief:

  1. If he's S/D you'll hardcounter them (well... at least 1v1)
  2. If he's deadeye, you gonna kill him as well.
  3. If he's condi then it may not be a good idea to 1v1 them (unless u outplay them by a lot). Let them just use their 'point holder' builds and either avoid or +1 them like you would a spellbreaker.

So what Im getting at here is that even though in an organized environment or at high plat/low legend lvl S/D works better probably. At lower lvls and in unorganized gameplay you can just basically force a 4v5 30-50% of the time either by repeatedly killing the enemy thief or outrunning him and win the decap game.

Just my guesses... would appreciate some valueable feedback.

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