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[QUESTION} Guardian Leveling Build


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I recently started messing around with GW2 again… after being away since the first few months the game was out. Since then, of course, they reworked stuff and locked in a bunch of things on my character’s builds that I find… well, sub-optimal. My Guardian was the worst off, but still has some hero points saved up so he’s not hopeless.

I’m looking for a solid SOLO leveling PvE build You don’t need to get ultra-detailed… I’d be happy with:Utility 1: XUtility 2: YUtility 3: ZUtility 4: UWeapon Set 1: AWeapon Set 2: BValuable traits i should focus on

Any more info is appreciated, but the above would at least give me a running start…Thanks in advance for any info!

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