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R is for Raiding, PvX [NA] Guild


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Hey Guys! my name is CubanCuisine and I am currently part of the administration team in R is for Raiding and would like to present to you all the opportunity to join a guild with lots of potential and a community that will not only be expanding but will welcome you and not only guide you but show you what fun really is. R is for Raiding started out as a raiding guild (obviously in the name) and we noticed that we weren't growing very much for some reason and decided to expand the guild upon the plethora of content that Guild Wars 2 offers in order to open the doors not just to raiders but to players interested in other content that we would most definitely support them on and focus altogether because players would only go online once we were doing raids and we wanted individuals that can not only raid but also socialize and interact with our family. R is for Raiding is currently not large in terms of population and still needs some growth due to the downsizing we had to do in order to maintain an active crowd but with that in mind, you can experience firsthand what its like to be a part of a growing community and feel how much of a close knit family we can be and the memories that will come out of being with us and our dank memes ;). We do have rules for the guild and they are as follows in our Discord server:

:star: 1. Language Conduct: Do not use insults, derogatory terms, and racial slurs inside the guild that are intended to be offensive or could easily be taken that way. Stereotypes are alright as a joke, just make sure it's chill and you don't take it too far.

:star: 2. Conflicts: Conflict that you may have outside of the guild will stay out of the guild. If a conflict were to arise, those who are witnessing it shouldn't fan the flames and those who are flaming should stop or take it to a private setting. If an admin or moderator tells you to quit it in a private message and you continue to publicly rant about it then we’ll just kick you.

:star: 3. Inappropriate Content: Do not post nude or sexual content in any channel except the NSFW/Sex memes (not safe for work) one. You should post only inappropriate content there and remember: no nudes.

:star: 4. Discussion Content: There's no need to start public political discussions or “sensitive” topics such as religion or world problems in the guild and if you do, do it in a private setting because we don't need people to get triggered over an opinion. We want to minimize unnecessary/futile conflict.

:star:️ 5. Knowing when to stop: If you’re joking around with a member and they say stop and you keep going, just stop and don't harass them or we’ll just have to step in and deal with you. Don't spam or troll people either. If it's for fun, sure, but don't be annoying.

:star: 6. Listen to your Admins: If an admin tells or asks you to do something, just do it and if there is a problem just report it, no need to have a public display of any sort.

:star: 7. Check yourself: From here on out, think like a human being with some degree of ethics and conduct. Check yourself before you wreck yourself (get kicked) and have a measure of self control. If you do get salty for any reason just go out and take a breather fam. After all, it's just a game or chat and there's no need to stress over little things that may go on. But always remember to contact admins if you have any issues with anything that may have or be happening.

:star: 8. Posting in the right channels: Though it's easy to get off-topic, please try to keep discussions/content posted in the right channel. Any screenshots/game-related content should go in #screenshots or #other-games and any other pics may be posted in #general (unless they are nsfw).

:star: 9. When joking around is taken too far: Don't target or pick on specific people continuously. It may seem funny at first but make sure you're laughing with someone, not at them. And never ignore because you think it's funny, thats just dumb.

:star: 10. Stupid Jokes: Don't constantly make crude/tasteless jokes. Example: "Hi, d**** haha". First time: "ok great". Second time: becomes dumb and irritatingly irrelevant fast.

:star:️ 11. Activity: If you're a part of the guild, all we ask is that you try to be active in some way or another, whether it's in the discord, guild chat, guild missions or through raiding.

:star: 12. Judgementalism (not a word): Try not to be judgmental, at least in public, of people, unless there is good reason. If so, feel free to tell an admin if you think it's going to cause problems.

:star:️ 13. Enjoy! Otherwise, don't hold back, don't take everything personally and have a hella fun time.

If you wish to join, simply join our discord through this link: https://discord.gg/dgrSDSR and just contact an admin, they wont bite. (:

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